“Say ‘CHEESE!’ “


Hello, everyone!

I’m Dave, I’m the wrong side of 40, I’m from….OK, OK, I’m the wrong side of 45…I’m from the West Midlands in England, and I play guitar and sing in a live band that plays private functions throughout the country, mostly weddings. Lots of weddings. And lots of wedding cake. As you can probably tell….Ahem, the diet starts tomorrow…

I’m not going to use this blog to promote my band and drum up bookings – we have an agent and official social media outlets elsewhere for that, and I’ll leave that to the experts – but rather I want to share some of the unusual things that we come across, some of the strange and beautiful places that we get to play, and give you an insight into the ups and downs and inner workings of a working band on the semi-professional circuit in the UK.

Crazy times.

Thank you for reading!